Arabian jewlery and ladies who love all things exotic, vibrant and sprightly are made for each other. Arabian jewellery dazzles the mind with its irrepressible splendour that speaks loud and clear about the land it hails from. If you wish to have a preview of the Arabian jewellery collection handy, get hold of an Arabian jewellery design book. As the name suggests, the Arabian jewellery design book is a comprehensive guidebook that offers detailed information on a wide array of Arabian jewellery designs.

Though an Arabian jewelry design book primarily focuses on designing of jewellery from Arabia, it also presents scores of facts, details and the essence about various facets related to it. For instance, it showcases the widest range of the Arabian jewellery and what constitutes it; open any page of this book and you will see that this jewellery is crafted out of the most sparkling and precious metals, beads, gems, gemstones, pearls, coins and more. Awe-inspiring motifs, forms, decorations and more permeate the identity of the Arabian jewellery, which is summed up in a reference book like an Arabian jewelry design book. It also offers a beautiful glimpse on the art and craft of creation of Arabian jewellery and also pointers about gems, jewels, techniques, material used in its designing.

You will also find distinctive elements like little silver bells, gold chains, chiming coins, multi-coloured gems, stones, graceful pearls and more in Arabian jewelry pieces. Islamic motifs are also an integral part of the Arabian jewelry. Good luck charm cases in which pieces of paper with verses from the Holy Qur'an are encased are also notable, and so are exotic design forms like the hand on Saudi necklaces. Silver bracelets and anklets are also worn popularly by not only women but also children in Arabian lands. Tine, striking pieces of jewellery like these  have to be covered by a good Arabian jewellery design book.

In addition to that, animal figures like horses, camels and others are also incorporated in the Arabian jewellery. In fact, even a cursory glance over a single page of an Arabian jewelry design book will stun you with the sheer variety and range of designs, patterns, material and concepts that Arabian jewellery is created with. And how can one forget an important element like colours that the Arabian jewellery is famed for? Arabian tradition places great emphasis over colours and gemstones like coral, turquoise, agate and others. Therefore, gemstones of these hues have always been prominently used in Arabian jewellery.

A judiciously compiled Arabian jewelry design book will also feature some interesting historical facts that are a vital part of the Arabian jewellery. It is a commentary on the rich glory and heritage of Arabian jewellery. Also, with the wealth of opulent resources the Arabian jewellery makers has access to, they naturally came up with a mind-boggling array of incredibly beautiful, exotic and varied Arabia jewellery that has captivated the world…