Turkey, one of the most exotic places on the earth, is famed for its jewelry that is an eye-catching mix of beauty, uniqueness, tradition and even mystic powers. Certainly, the beauty of what we may call Turkish jewellery design has enriched the world with its sheer exquisiteness and in its own way, redefined the essence of elegance. It would be no exaggeration to say that the Turkish jewellery design has carved a special niche for itself on the map of international jewelry. Such is the power of the Turkish jewellery that one glance at it is enough to captivate a jewellery loving diva’s eyes and make her desire to own even the tiniest piece of it!

The existence of Turkish jewellery boasts of a history of 5000 years. It also has a rich legacy of religion and art that have played a key role in raising the tradition of jewellery making in turkey to new heights. Turkish jewellery design is all about intricate craftsmanship, striking, lively colours of gems and gemstones as well as ornate mystique and gorgeousness. Turkish jewellery designs can conjure the beautiful old world charm while other symbolise the vivid expressiveness of the contemporary world. The quintessential Turkish jewelry design is a manifestation of all that a diva as well as the woman of today on-the-go desires. The sheer breadth and variety of the axiomatic Turkish jewellery design is truly eclectic. One can find the perfect piece of Turkish jewellery that goes with every look and every mood- be it classic, medieval or modern. Or timeless, for that matter…

Turkey is undoubtedly regarded as one of the hubs of jewellery today. It is especially famed for its scintillating patterns and motifs today, and is one of the largest exporters in the world market. The quintessential Turkish jewelry design speaks of the popularity that this jewellery enjoys not only for its quality but also cost-effectiveness. Turkish jewellery designs trace the transformation and evolution of its jewellery into distinctly modern creations that are highly sought-after by women across the world.

This jewellery stands out for employing a strikingly wide range of metals as its composition, which is voluminous and exceptional, and lends it a unique charm and versatility. Focus on stones and equipoise of pattern are other salient features of a typical Turkish jewelry design; both lend its creations a finely elegant yet brilliant touch which makes it stand out among the rest. As for the current scenario, a reflection of the Western influence on Turkish jewellery designs is conspicuous; it is a telling sign of the progress that this country as well as its jewellery has made by moving ahead with the times.   

Also, various locations in Turkey and its capital city Istanbul in particular are gaining prominence as one of the most popular jewelry hubs in the world. The country hosts a number of gems and jewellery exhibitions that the international market really looks forward to. Besides providing a platform to various genres of jewellery from across the world, these exhibitions also serve as an opportunity for Turkey to showcase its exquisite creations.