All that glitters and is gold has been valuable, precious and desirable for an over-whelming number of people across cultures, regions and ages. Since time immemorial, people have placed the greatest value on this yellow metal by regarding it an integral part of prosperity, prestige and customs. Little wonder then, a source of reference like a gold jewellery book is bound to be greatly sought after by young and old alike and it would be considered a treasure-trove of gold jewellery designs to pick and choose from.


A gold jewellery book is like a mine that has unending deposits of gold jewellery articles in its fold. It lists virtually all types of gold jewellery items such as earrings, necklaces, pendants, chains, bangles, bracelets, armbands, finger rings, maang tikka and others. It displays the range of designs, technical specifications, make, quality, price and everything one may want to know. As a source of reference, it should also have well-clicked photographs of gold jewellery that recreates the true beauty of the precious jewellery articles.


A high quality gold jewellery book covers not just hundreds but thousands of designs of jewellery articles. The numbers may touch mind-boggling figures like 1,50,000 or more in a single gold jewelry book; after all, there’s no limit of new varieties of designs being launched virtually every day across the globe. In today’s age of globalisation where people ask for avant-garde designs in jewellery, new-age designers keep experimenting with new patterns to lend a touch of global outlook to their creations and meet the needs of the buyers.  It has also led to a surge in the number of jewellery books being launched. Needless to say, it is applicable to gold jewellery too, which explains why one can find more than one lakh designs in a single gold jewellery book.


Each page of a gold jewellery book can showcase an opulent range of collections of gold jewellery from different genres such as antique jewellery, classic jewellery, fine jewellery, designer jewellery and many more. Indeed, the sky is now the limit and one is spoilt for choice when it comes to acquiring a fine piece of jewellery. The flipside of this development which offers more number of possibilities is a little more confusion and indecisiveness one may experience while buying gold jewellery, but no one’s complaining; the more, the merrier seems to be the order of the day.


Another important criterion for a good gold jewelry book is that it should be compiled in a systematic manner. No doubt a jewellery book is regarded as a visual treat; people love browsing through one to have a look at the beautiful jewellery articles for delight, if not to make a purchase. Still, a methodically assembled gold jewellery book is bound to serve its purpose in a much effective manner. Finding a particular jewellery article should be quick and easy, and that’s something the creative minds that bring out a reference book like a gold jewellery book should always have at the back of their minds. 

Good content is another area that a gold jewellery book must pay attention to. Excellent quality images of jewellery designs must be accompanied with impressive, lucid and easy to understand description. It helps sellers present their creations in a beautiful manner and also furnish the relevant information impressively.