Diamonds, platinum and gold jewellery may sparkle the most besides being way too precious and desirable, but one can’t overlook the beauty and charm that silver jewellery is all about. Silver jewelry may not be expensive or exclusive in the real sense of the word but it certainly is not any less beautiful and stunning. Silver jewellery has always grabbed the admiration of one and all and always held women under its sway. For as long as anyone can remember, silver jewellery articles have always fascinated women even though silver is not as ‘luxurious’ and exclusive as extravagant metals like gold.

Perhaps it’s the touch of contemporariness and refined stylishness of silver jewellery that makes the modern woman of today opt for it over diamonds, gold, platinum and other sought-after metals. One sees many women sporting and elegantly flaunting tastefully designed silver jewellery articles everywhere- be it at workplace, parties, functions and even weddings and various other occasions. Silver jewelry imparts elegance, class, subtlety and practicality- just what women on the go of today’s era look for to define their style statement through.

What makes silver a preferable and real-world choice for contemporary jewellery is that it is a very ductile metal, which means that it can be cast and patterned into virtually any design easily. It becomes a supple material in the hands of an expert silversmith as he can fashion it in any way he desires to create the most stunning pieces of jewellery.  And the dazzling white metallic lustre that silver embodies is enhanced with the naturally high notch of polish it comes with. Its beauty, when translated into any jewellery piece, makes for a stunning effect indeed.

Another reason for which silver jewellery is cherished in our country in an inexpressibly special way is that it has a high place in sacred rituals and traditions that are followed avidly by people across regions, cultures and states. A number of religious practices that have traditionally been followed as a part of customs and the Indian culture would remain incomplete without silver and jewellery made from it. It is customary in many cultures to present new born children with a silver anklet, bracelet or waistband apart from silver glass and spoon to celebrate the joyous occasion of the child’s birth.

A discerning jeweller would know the true value of silver jewelry and make sure that the most beautiful silver jewellery trinkets like pendants, chains, earrings and more are displayed prominently so that customers who walk in are enraptured by their beauty and purchase what catches their fancy. Since silver jewellery is relatively inexpensive and yet considered refined, women are naturally attracted towards it and don’t feel guilty about spending a bomb on. One just needs to sift through a beautiful silver jewellery catalogue to understand why ornaments made from silver are loved enormously and subsequently take the next step- place an order for one!